On a secluded island, surrounded by fog and turbulent weather, a lighthouse is home to several portals that lead to different worlds, all created by the same indescisive hand. These portals need maintainance to remain open however. One of the chores of the nameless lighthouse keeper is to check up on them daily and restore any damage caused by their inhabitants. This is her journal.

Hello and welcome to my little island on the internet! Here, I'll catalogue and develop my countless ocs, stories and worlds that I find hard to explain with just words or just visuals. As you'll soon find out, I'm more of a worldbuilding kind of artist, than a storyteller. This site is a huge wip and I'm a total beginner in HTML, so please keep that in mind while walking around. Most of the images are placeholders to get a grasp of the dimensions and they will be updated over time.

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