Lightkeeper's Journal

Future Features

The blurry Lighthouse in the landing page was bothering me, so I traced it over in vector lol. It looks better now, even though it's probably not noticable and smaller screens never got to see the three pixels tall tower. From now on I have to remember to draw the images in vector. Next, I want to try delving into one of the worlds to flesh out some lore. It would look nice with this new lineart style. To tell you the truth, I haven't gotten the chance to draw my ocs in this style, as it's only like a week old. I'm trying out a 'newest first' kind of posting in the journal, see how it goes. I wonder what other people are doing with their journals as time goes by? Can they still be navigated?

After a very very long time, I've finally managed to make some images for the site. I've been debating about what style I wanted to go for, since my usual style takes a lot of time and effort and I didn't want that kind of stress associated with this place. These days though, I've been practicing inking digitally. It's a lot faster and the scuffed result is very fitting for this scuffed site. The grey tones are calming. Bright colors wouldn't fit this place, at least not the Lighthouse and Lightkeeper pages, as it's supposed to be a little melancholic and lonely. Lighthouses for me are a symbol of loneliness and I wanted these pages to reflect that. They also symbolize hope. They light the way for vessels when they're lost and signal the end of their gruesome travels. Hence why the Lightkeeper has a lantern.

The world portals will be replaced by actual windows to the worlds they contain. I'm not sure if this can be done here, as I've heard it needs java, but maybe I can find a way around it. If the portals get implimented like this though, the Lighthouse page will be unusable for mobile. I wonder if I can keep the buttons for mobile, but turn them into portals on desktop? Now that I think about it perhaps I should use vector for the rest of my images, the Lighthouse is so blurry lol.

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