The End of Entropy

The world is dead. The heat death of the universe has already happened and there's no thermodynamic free energy left. It's a mostly static world, quiet and cold, something that would appear empty to an outsider observer. But appearances are often misleading. A few select galaxies are buzzing with stars, planets, and even life, so bright and tightly packed that if there was anyone else left at the other side of the universe, they would be the only stars on their sky. These galaxies are lucky enough to harbor chosen ones. Creatures chosen by the absent gods to manually keep the world alive, a mortal bandaid to an immortal problem. They have god-like powers, each specilising like a gear to manage each little problem, and most of them are kept in a pocket dimension where they perform their duties. Some are walking amongst mortals, but the moment they fail to play their part, they are wisped away, leaving only their legend behind.

One planet famous for such chosen ones is Theias, located near the center of the Twins galaxy. It's a very large exoplanet that appears to have been smashed to pieces with its parts orbiting around what's left of its body, and with a thin ring of machines and spaceships dancing around it. The dominant species here are called chimeras, experts of adaptability. Chimeras are able to reproduce with almost everything and as such, each chimera is unique, inheriting traits from both its parents, regardless of species. As a result, a lot of modern chimeras look like an amalgamation of monstrous traits that may cause fear to first time visitors and often lead to misunderstandings when they travel to other galaxies. A stereotype that they often face due to their unique appearance is that they're prone to violence, depsite their personalities being as diverse as their looks. Perhaps due to their adaptability, Theias seems to produce a lot of chimera chosen ones, making it a popular destination for thrill-seekers.

Chimeras are a somewhat solidary species, although due to outside threats they're forced to live somewhat close together. They don't have any official rulers and as such, are governed by complete anarchy, which in modern day has devolved into survival of the fittest. There are however teams who try to enforce their own rules, named by the public as either heroes or villains, depending on their popularity. At the end of the day though, both groups usually resolve their differences with violence.

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