Abe and Mirage :)

Abe Scarletaims

Deadman Devil

Abe Scarletaims is a conjurer who specialises in complex machinery and is the only member of the group to have been actually trained to use his magic before joining. He's generally considered the best conjurer ever made when it comes to making things from scratch and for that reason, he's helping Imm maintain their world and manage its security. Although he considers himself human, his magic is potent enough to melt through any deity and can often deal more damage than Imm. He's considered the most dangerous member of the Immortal City and his name is often enough to put weaklings in their place. Aside from his intellect and power, Abe is also known for his stubborness to not die, shrugging off lethal wounds like it's nothing. Due to his slim build, his sturdiness comes as a surprise to many.

Only very few people actually know him, as he's carefully cultivated his scary image all his life. In reality, he struggles with schizophrenia (he's getting better, he promises) and with his identity as a human. He desperately wants to stay human. He desperately wants to be loved.

Backstory Summary

Abe comes from one of the first worlds that Imm infected, meaning its residents have lived most of their history with the magic and have gotten creative with its application. His mother was a hooker and his father a mobster who collected offsprings to force into magic, in order to use them as weapons. Abe, with his analytical and complex mind was the most successful of these kids. As such, his upbringing was tough, killing his father at the age of nine and starting his own faction in the same year, selling weapons he designed himself and terrorizing the populance. At the time, his biggest fear was death. Which is why he commissioned a group to find him immortality, but they accidently made a zombie virus that whiped out humanity. Abe has spent ten to fifteen years (he couldn't tell) alone in the post-apocalyptic world. That's when his schizophrenia started develping, which only intensified his magic, which in return worsened his mental state. At some point, he finally died of an infection from losing his right arm and that's when Imm picked him up.

Misc Info

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