Mirage Mineau

Wreckage Witch

Mirage is a bit of a special case. She's actually a fully grown Immortal Virus, a small deity that can rival Imm. But she chooses to present herself as her former human identity. Her favourite past time is watching people react to extreme situations, and if she can't find any, she'll create them herself. She'll cause the downfall of empires and the rise of tiny nations, both politically and economically, for fun in her spare time. Her acting skills are top notch and she enjoys putting on different performances around different people and gauge the reactions. She's an angel to some and a devil to others. As such, she has a disproportionate amount of religions formed around her, compared to every other instance of Immortal Virous. In the team, she's responsible for scouting new worlds and marketing the City's services to aspiring villains. Despite her skills and hobbies suggesting she'd be a manipulator, her magic is actually purely destructive. Everything around her ceases to exist, it never did and it never will.

There's a lot of things she doesn't know about herself. Her relationship with her emotions is very long-distance, causing her to often lose control of her magic or be unaware that she's casting at all. For that reason, out of all the Immortal City residents, she uses her magic the least, to the point where people assume she can't at all. Despite Imm's best efforts to train her, she's an expert at avoiding chores and as such, is out of the City most of the time pretending to work.

Misc Info

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